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product review: mestrength

i received a sample pack of me strength in exchange for a blog review. all opinions are my own.

so remember my on-going battle with hydration? well guess what? i may have finally found what i need to stay hydrated during training: mestrength!

to give you a little update, after my failed attempt at enjoying nuun, i decided gatorade was the way to go. i tried watering it down to cut back on the sugar, but sometimes i would be so dehydrated after a run, i would come home and chug it straight from the bottle. helllooo calories and sugar.

well, during my break from running to heal my ankle, i heard about mestrength. what is it you ask? according to their website "mestrength is an innovative sports drink mix designed to improve hydration and performance by combining 5 electrolytes with the benefits of creatine to help athletes get the most out of their workout." but what really sold me was that it has no sugar, no calories, no artificial colors, no artificial flavors, no carbs, and no caffeine. for this nighttime runner, that last one is what really did it. i immediately contacted their ceo, who was kind enough to send me a sample pack.
kiwi-strawberry, orange, fruit punch, lemon lime, and grape.
unfortunately, when i got it, i was still on my running break, so i didn't get to start using it until my turkey training began. my first day back to running, i was a little nervous about how my body would respond. i don't like to run with a belly full of liquid, so i decided i would use mestrength after my run. i ran pretty hard, basically sprinting the entire two miles the plan calls for. of course, this isn't a long distance, but since i hadn't run at all in a couple weeks, my legs were definitely tight by the time i got home. i headed to the kitchen with my fruit punch flavored mestrength packet, shook it up in my water bottle, and crossed my fingers i would like it.

so pink and pretty!
and i did! the flavor was sweet like my favorite gatorade flavor (just because i didn't want to drink sugar doesn't mean i didn't enjoy it :p), and didn't have that watered down, chalky candy taste i got from nuun. i had no problem chugging the entire bottle, and definitely had my thirst quenched. but the best part? my sore legs were gone the next day. maybe it was the creatine? i don't know, but what i did know was that i wanted to use mestrength for my next run.

i've since used all of my sample packs, and still have nothing but good things to say about mestrength. my muscles haven't felt sore the day after a workout + mestrength, even when i followed up my run with squats, and those usually kill me! i have to say that fruit punch is still my favorite flavor of the bunch, though the others are all good, too! i find them all easy to drink, so it's definitely not a taste issue, i just like the sweetness of the fruit punch. they suggest either mixing the packet with 16oz or 20oz of water, and i find that i prefer the latter, just because it's more water and makes the flavors less intense. more water, more hydration, right?

are you wanting to try mestrength now? well luckily, the people at mestrength are offering 25% off for my readers! just enter "Corral B" at the checkout, and your discount will be applied. make sure to get the fruit punch ;)

have you tried mestrength? what's your hydration method of choice?


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