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product review: nathan quickdraw plus

if there's one topic i've talked to death about on this blog, it's the fact that i don't drink enough water. this is obviously a problem as a runner, since water is essential for being active. additionally, i live in chicago, meaning that summer here is both hot and humid; the weather just drains my body of all of its hydration.

typically, when i would run, i didn't bring water with me. this is because before summer hit, i was 1) only doing up to 5 mile runs and 2) the weather was nice. however, because i decided that summer would be an awesome time to train for a half marathon, i now find myself doing longer runs in warmer temperatures.

i first tried to deal with this by just mapping out my running route near water fountains. this didn't really work because half of the time, i couldn't remember exactly where the water fountain was or it was barely functioning.

then i tried just bringing a plastic water bottle with me. this worked, except in the beginning of my run when it was full, it kind of weighed my hand down and i had to keep remembering to hold on to it.

so i went to good ol' sports authority and picked up a nathan quickdraw plus waterbottle.
i went with the one on the right, because it matches both pairs of running shoes i own.
i love this thing. it has a little finger sleeve plus a thumb hole, so you can easily get a grip on the water bottle. additionally, it has a tightening strap, so once you get your grip on the water bottle, you can strap it in place, and not even worry about actually carrying it. it's also a good sized water bottle at 22oz., although they do offer both smaller and bigger sizes to fit your hydration needs. and for people who are concerned, the water bottle is bpa free.

but the best part? it comes with a little pouch attached. maybe little is the wrong word though, since i can fit my phone, keys, and honey stinger gel in there during my training runs. i like this, because if i didn't have that handy dandy pocket, i'd have to wear my armband for my phone and keys, and a wristlet for my fuel, along with my garmin and road id. in other words, i'd look like this:
from one of my favorite oatmeal comics.

my water bottle is my new favorite accessory, which is weird for me to say. but, i love being able to stay hydrated on my runs without worrying about finding a place to stop for water. and it helps that its pocket keeps all my running gear in one place.

do you have a nathan water bottle? what is your favorite part about it?


disclaimer: i was not compensated in any way for this review. i bought the item myself and loved it so much, i wanted to share my opinion.

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