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turkey training: the plan

first things first: congratulations to my sparkly soul giveaway winner, tessa! i'm so excited for you to expand your sparkly collection. i'm looking to do the same and am planning on getting some fall colors for my upcoming races.

speaking of upcoming races, the next one is in seven weeks! the turkey day run offers both the 5k and 8k distance, and while at first i was tempted to do the 5k to get a pr, i decided to do the 8k as preparation for a spring race i've always wanted to do: the shamrock shuffle.

the shamrock shuffle is a huge event in chicago and because it's so big, they actually have three different waves of runners throughout the day. now, i'm not really a fast runner, but i'd like to be in the first wave. to do that you have to time qualify, so that's what i'm hoping to do with the turkey day 8k. and to do that, i need a training plan and here's what that plan is.

i decided to have a longer training plan because i want to start with low mileage to have a chance to work on speed. i also think training during the fall is going to be extra tough with the changing weather and my hectic schedule, so i'm not too worried with sticking day-to-day but more total weekly mileage with one cross training session. i didn't stick to my half marathon plan too well, so let's see how i do this time around!

have you ever run a turkey race? are you bad at sticking to training plans too?


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