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horrible habits: drinking water

last time i talked about one of my bad habits, i was relieved to find out that i wasn't the only one struggling with that aspect of running. i'm happy to say that my foam roller and i are becoming better friends with each passing week, and i'm experiencing less soreness by stretching more after my workouts.

but now, i'm going to talk about another horrible habit of mine: i don't drink enough water. i don't know why that is, either. i don't mind the taste, and i usually have a water bottle on hand, i just never actually take the time to fill said water bottle and actually drink out of it. in fact, there are some days where the majority of my liquid consumed for the day comes from coffee rather than water.
starbucks wins everytime; image via anandtech.com

i know this is bad. i mean, other than the boost my running performance gets from the caffeine, my body doesn't really benefit from coffee. it would, however, benefit from staying hydrated from water. i wrote a few weeks ago about having heavy legs when i was running, and it was suggested that too little water consumption could be the culprit. additionally, skin, hair, and digestion all benefit from drinking water. so, i know the reasons i should be upping my h20 intake.

and yet, i don't. and i can't think of ways to change that! i have the water bottle to remind myself to drink, but it remains empty. i need a new plan to change my hydration habits.

any tips on how to encourage myself to drink more water? do you also have this horrible habit?



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