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goals for 2015, revisited.

my first post of 2015 was setting some goals for the year. now that it's the end of the year, i thought it would be fun to reflect on how i did on those goals before i set new ones for 2016.


1.) i actually did go sub-30! it wasn't in an official race though, just once on the treadmill and once in a virtual (garmin timed) race. i had hoped to get it again in a timed race, but i let my speed training go to the back burner. oh well, at least i know i accomplished this! 

2.) so sad, but this didn't happen in either of my half marathons. in fact, i finished my two half marathons this year within seconds of each other, and they were far worse times than my first half marathon. still chasing this sub-2:30!

3.) oh my god, this is so embarrassing, but i didn't get in to a pool ONCE this year. i bought new goggles and caps, and then never went to my pool. that will definitely have to change this year as i take on my first tri!

4.) this didn't really happen either. while i was much better at sticking to a training plan than i ever was last year, i still fell off the wagon before race day. so this is still something to work on.

5.) i did an 8k! and loved it! it's a fun distance, and a fun race when it's the shamrock shuffle. so i'm doing it again!

so that's 2/5 accomplished. while that's pretty crappy, i had a lot of achievements in my professional life in 2015, so that's what i'll focus on for now. onward to 2016!

did you meet your fitness goals for 2015?



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