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(tri)ing something new...

i've been playing with this thought in my head for a bit now, and, after i realized i wouldn't be registering for the nyc half, i finally took the plunge. i'm officially registered for my first triathlon!
i'll be doing the iron girl sprint triathlon in pleasant prairie this coming summer. it will require swimming 1/2 mile, biking 12 miles, and running a 5k to call myself a triathlete, but i'm ready to take it on!

i chose this race for many reasons. it's an all-girls race, which i think will make for a fun, girly environment (what? i want a cute shirt.). it's also super, super, super beginner friendly. they even offer a buddy wave for swimmers so that participants can have somebody swim with them if they're feeling nervous. plus, if i finish, i'll be able to mark another state off my list :) there's a bunch of little things that i think add up to make this a great race for my first triathlon.

it's not until august, so i have plenty of time to train, but i think i'll try adding some swim and bike cross-training in to my schedule for my spring half marathon. i want to finish this race strong and proud, and maybe feeling like i can take on a longer distance? we'll see!

have you ever done a triathlon?


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