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taking it slow...

so you might be wondering how my ankle is doing.

and, at least for today (fully aware something can go wrong), i'd say great! the pain isn't 100% gone; i can still feel a slight ache when i go up on my tippy-toes (so no pure barre for now *sad face*). but, i can walk normally and have been able to run a bit without any problems.

right now it's all about taking it slow. stretching and a bit of strength training were the name of the game at first, and now i'm back to using my trusty 10k runner app. the pt i talked to really encouraged using run/walk intervals and sticking to short distances for now, and the beginning of this app allows for that, and then i'll build back up to six miles, which is my happy place.

at first i thought it would be a bit of a bummer walking so much and reflecting on all that went wrong this race season, but instead, i've been using this opportunity to work on my speed. i'm not hitting any crazy paces, but it's fast for me, and to be able to do it without pain is making me super happy.

of course, without an immediate goal in sight, i'm afraid of losing motivation, so i took yesterday's good run as i sign to go ahead and register for a race i've been eyeing for the past few weeks:
had you asked me last year if i would ever consider doing a turkey trot again, i would have said no way. but i luckily ended up getting a bunch of cold weather gear for christmas last year that withstood the cold back in march, so i'm feeling more confident about running in chilly weather. additionally, this turkey trot has pretty great reviews (and a hoodie as the race shirt!), so i'm excited to try something different. i was pretty much sold when i read they promised cider at the finish.

so that's my goal for now! following the 10k runner app will get me running with minimal walk breaks just in time for the race, so that's the training plan i'm sticking with. i'm hoping that if nothing goes wrong before or during the race, i'll have the confidence to commit to the goals i'm dreaming up for 2016.

any races still left on your 2015 calendar?


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