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spring half pre-training: seven week plan

i'm signed up for the michelob ultra chicago spring half in may, which means my actual training plan doesn't start up until the last week of february. however, i'll be completely honest and say that i don't feel quite prepared for the training plan. i haven't run nearly consistently enough in the past few months to feel confident about building up to 13.1 miles without injury. luckily, since i do have almost two months until training begins, i have plenty of time to rebuild my endurance.

so, i'm doing a pre-training training plan! as i mentioned in my last post, the only training i really ever stuck to was a 10k runner app i downloaded to help get my butt off the couch. i liked the app a lot, and felt nicely eased in to running since the first few weeks include short walk breaks. because of this, i've decided to use this app to rebuild my running base.

now, i don't have 14 weeks to do the full app but that's okay because 1) i'm not a total newbie, so i don't need to start at the very beginning and 2) i don't need to build my base up to a 10k, just around 4 or 5 miles for me to feel confident going in to the actual training. keeping that in mind, here's what my weeks will look like for pre-training.

weekly schedule
mon – rest
tues – app workout and strength train
wed – cross train
thurs– app workout and strength train
fri – rest
sat – app workout and strength train
sun – cross train

mondays and fridays are my busiest days at school, so i figured it would be nice to have those as my rest days. the app only calls for three days of running, and suggests you pair strength training with it on the same day. then, i'll have two days for easy cross-training, such as biking, walking, and swimming.

i'm feeling good about this, and think i'll be right where i want to be when training starts!

have you ever done a pre-training plan?


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