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couch to 10k.

around the time i first heard of the princess half marathon, i started looking for ways to ease myself in to running. a quick google search brought me to the ever popular couch to 5k site. i researched it a little bit, but reasoned that since i didn't have an iphone, it wasn't worth investing my time in to (i didn't say i had a good reason!)

so when i decided i wanted to do the dumbo double dare and run the 10k portion non-stop, i figured the couch to 5k program would be a good tool to use in the beginning of my training. well, imagine my joy when i found they now had a couch to 10k program in the app store; one app for all my training needs!

via the 10k runner website
i ended up going with the 10k runner app. their website boasted great results through awards and five-star reviews. millions of others had done it, so could i! users said it was easy! they didn't even realize they were running for 30 minutes straight! for a mere $3.99, i could be just like them.

spoiler alert: i am not just like them. i have finished week one so far and, let's just say, i am very aware that i'm running, and it's only for 60 seconds at a time. but, other than the sweat and heavy breathing and leg soreness, i'm able to do it and not hate it, so i'm sticking with it.

and more than just sticking with it, i'm enjoying the program. the immense satisfaction i feel being able to check the "completed" box at the end of each workout is enough to keep me going and looking forward to the next time i can run (you can just imagine how i was with the gold star chart in kindergarten, can't you).

i'll wait until i'm farther in to the program to actually say if i'd recommend it and if it produces the results it promises, but if you were also a "gold star" child, i'd say it's worth at least looking in to.


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