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what's next?

i have two more races planned for this year: a 5k at the beginning of june and a half marathon at the end of september. i really didn't want to over-commit myself to races, mostly since i wasn't sure where i'd be living for the summer months until a few months ago. i still feel good about this decision, especially after not being able to train for my spring half the way i wanted to.

but with fall half marathon training not starting up until the beginning of july, and my not wanting to burn myself out on running before that happens, i started brainstorming new ideas of how to keep fit get back in to shape over the next few weeks. and then i started thinking back to how much i loved barre classes when i was doing them last fall, and how there is a pure barre studio right down the street from my current apartment. convenience and enjoyment factors lead me to their website, where i saw that a month long intro pass is only $99! obviously this isn't super budget friendly, but it works with what i have, and so i signed up!
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tonight, i'll be going to class #1 of what will hopefully be 20. i'll be finishing up with my pass just in time for my internship, so i'm hoping i'll be off to dc feeling fit and strong and ready for half marathon training. i'm also planning to keep running 2-3 times a week, so i'll definitely be able to start recapping weekly workouts in a few weeks (aka when i'm done moving to my new apartment next week!). i'm really excited for the next month!

have you done pure barre?



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