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event recap: the dailey method, part of classpass chicago launch

i've made it well known that classpass is now in chicago. what i haven't made well known is that sometimes i'm a horrible blogger and get too swept up in the fun of things to actually document events i'm invited to and end up with no pictures. such is what happened that last night of the launch parties.

the last night was held at the dailey method studio in bucktown. not quite as convenient of a location as the last two events, so nobody had any trouble getting a spot in the class when they showed up. i still got there a little early, and since i had so enjoyed the barre class earlier in the week, i figured i should invest in some sticky socks. when one of the girls who worked there told me they were offering 20% off all the merchandise in the store, my mind was set.

blogger fail = have to use stock photos.
as i waited for class to begin, i chatted with a fellow chicago blogger and was relieved to find out she wasn't too familiar with barre classes either. turns out, i needn't be concerned, because it was evident when the class started that many of the folks there hadn't done the dailey method before. while we attempted to hold squats and pulse up and down and grab on to the barre for dear life, there were plenty of laughs and groans from around the room. i'm sure classes aren't always like this, but it was fun to be in a room where nobody took themselves too seriously. plus, the workout was hard! i was sweaty and shaky and really enjoying it. of the three classes i participated in that week, the dailey method was definitely my favorite, and i wanted to come back and put those sticky socks to use again.

after the class was finished, we were treated to a make-your-own trail mix station and fresh squeezed juices. i loved that they offered fresh juice after every workout they offered; it's one of my favorite ways to hydrate and recover after a workout! after a bit more chatting, it was time to head home. at first i was sad that my time exploring these new studios was over, but then classpass gifted me with a free month! that means 30 days of exploring a bunch more studios in chicago. needless to say, i'm stoked!

do you love barre? how do you feel about post-workout juice?


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