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event recap: exhale spa, part of classpass chicago launch

classpass is now in chicago! and to celebrate, they hosted three nights of launch parties two weeks ago at different studios in chicago. to attend, you had to rsvp to an invite, and you either got a spot or were put on the waitlist. luckily for me, i was able to get a spot all three nights!

on tuesday, the first night of the launch, we met at exhale spa in the gold coast. exhale is a combination of spa treatments and fitness classes, and we were there to do a core fusion barre class. we were told to meet by 6:15pm to get all set up, as there was paperwork to fill out for first timers in the studio. unfortunately, some people who had a spot showed up after 6:15 and were turned away because they were considered no-shows and their spots were given to waitlisted people. i missed this cutoff by about a minute, so i'm glad i was actually on time for once in my life.

photo credit: maisonet photography
i was excited about this class because i've really been wanting to take a barre class. after getting set up in the studio with my mat and weights, i was ready to go. right away, the class started off with one of the longest planks of my life, and i knew i was in for a hard workout. we went from the floor to the barre and back to our mats, doing various strength training moves that actually required very little movement but still caused my muscles to shake. after the workout was done, i was exhausted, and definitely ready to come back and try it again.

unfortunately, i had to leave immediately after the class was over. i was given a swag bag on my way out, and it was the best swag bag i've gotten! inside the canvas tote was a classpass tank, classpass metal waterbottle, a furla bag, a style magazine, some protein bars, and various samples/discount codes. awesome!

i really loved the class, and i'm interested to try the other ones exhale has, especially exhale power yoga. and i can try it once i get my classpass! all in all, it was a great event, and i was excited to see what the next night had in store!

have you tried barre classes? is classpass in your area?


disclaimer: the class and swag bag were complimentary for attendees as part of the launch party. all opinions are my own.

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