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event recap: flywheel, part of classpass chicago launch

as i mentioned in my last post, classpass has come to chicago! i was lucky enough to attend all three nights of their launch party. after night one at exhale spa, i was super excited for night two.

wednesday night was scheduled at flywheel in the gold coast neighborhood. after the mishap the night before with people not getting their reservation because they were late, i made sure to get there a little early. well, i'm glad i did! despite being told to get there at 7:15pm, people who got there by 7:10 were turned away because the class was full. i don't know what happened this time (they weren't late, so why were their spots gone?) but once again i was just a few people ahead of the cutoff.

this smile faded quickly/photo credit: azuree wiitala
flywheel is a stadium style spin class, and the studio provides each person with clip-in shoes, which is nice. i had never done a spin class before, so one of the workers set up my bike for me. it felt a little high in the seat and low on the handlebars, but she told me those were the proper settings for my height, so i got on. well, once the class got started, i was in pain! not leg pain as expected from a spin class, but...well...hoo-hah pain (yes, i'm 10 years old). anytime our instructor, candy (who was awesome, by the way), told us to up the pace, i winced in agony. i was totally fine when i sat back (which wasn't part of the class, but hey! i needed relief!) or when we stood up, but actually sitting on the bike was not enjoyable. i'm not sure if it was because the bike was set up incorrectly, or because my body isn't used to biking, but nobody else seemed to be having as much of an issue as i was, so it was kind of discouraging. i still felt like it was a good workout, even though i couldn't go as hard as i wanted to. but despite that, i don't think i'll return to flywheel again with my classpass, just due to the uncomfortableness of it all.
that's a much more accurate face/photo credit: azuree wiitala
after class, there was a little post-party. they had some veggies and fruits out to snack on, as well as loop juice samples! i had a "wake up" shot, followed by a beet juice and a green juice. all were good, but i liked the beet juice the best. luckily, i got a free juice voucher, so i can get myself a full size when i'm in the west loop next! on the way out, we were given swag bags again. the tote and magazine were the same, as well as another water bottle, but this time instead of a purse, we got adorable panties! i was really excited.

despite not loving the spin class, i was really glad i got to try it so i could know that it's not for me. i think that's kind of the beauty of the classpass: you really have the freedom to find what fitness classes work best for you without making a huge monetary commitment to one place!

how do you feel about spin classes? am i alone with the hoo-hah problems?


disclaimer: the class and swag bag were complimentary for attendees as part of the launch party. all opinions are my own.

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