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thinking out loud thursday #1

wow, radio silence around here for two weeks after my big marathon announcement. my bad! the quarter started back up again and things have been a little busy as i try to juggle multiple projects. i don't really have much to talk about regarding training, either; it's about another month before half marathon training begins again, so i'm just running three times a week and focusing a lot on strength training.

i do have a bunch of random things to talk about though, so i figured why not think out loud for the first time on the blog by linking up with amanda over at running with spoons!
1.) finding a bike is a lot harder than i thought it would be! when my dad and i bought my cruiser 8 years ago (oh my god, what), i literally just walked in the store, said "oh that one is cute! and it has a bell!" and we bought it. so imagine my surprise when i walked in to performance the other day with 3 bikes i liked pulled up on my phone, and left empty handed and full of a bunch of bike knowledge. i've been researching bikes like crazy now.
Performance Bicycle - Chicago, IL, United States
so overwhelming!
2.) in other research news, I'M WORKING ON MY DISSERTATION. ahhhhhh. could it be that i am almost done with school?! this freaks me out. i have no idea how to be a real adult. i can almost feel myself working slower than normal on my dissertation because then it will delay adulthood. 

3.) my cat is really cute. like, i know all pet parents think this, but he's been super cuddly lately and won't leave my side. some people might find this annoying, but i'm all about the kitty cuddles. 
i mean COME ON. <3
4.) speaking of pets, i just got an email about the first TEAM PAWS meeting and i am soo excited. i honestly don't know if i'm more excited for the marathon or being able to raise money for a charity i love so much. really it's just an overall win for me haha.

5.) oh! also on another pet note: i downloaded the paint for cats app on my ipad and am OBSESSED! not only because it keeps hamilton distracted, but i love his masterpieces!
my little van gogh.
6.) my friend from high school just FB messaged me. she's pregnant and i had a random dream last week that she's having a boy, so i told her. she just told me in her message that i'm right! this isn't the first time my dreams have randomly predicted the future.

7.) i'm trying to lower my sugar intake for the billionth time, and so of course i'm craving all of the candy and cookies and ice cream.
cookie as big as my head? yes, please!
8.) and now i've made myself hungry, so i'm going to go make lunch. i love working from home. have a great thursday, everyone!

anybody else predict the future with their dreams? any bike tips to add to my limited bike knowledge?!


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