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goals for 2016.

happy new year, everyone! i hope you had a great new year's eve. in college, nye was my favorite day because of the fun dresses, glitter, and champagne. now? well, this was my situation last night.
yup! we stayed home! alex had to work late and had to go in early today, so it made more sense to get delivery and watch the first episode of how to make a murderer. we got one episode in, and are already hooked! a great way to spend the night, if you ask me.

now that it's the 1st, it's time to set some fitness goals for 2016. like i mentioned on wednesday, i didn't quite accomplish all i set out to do in 2015, so some of them are going to roll over in to this new year. i'm linking up with cynthia, mar, and courtney to talk about my fitness goals for this year. 

1.) go sub-2:30 in a half. 
yes, this is my #1 goal. i've wanted to hit this time since my first half marathon a year and a half ago, and i'm going to try my hardest to get it this year. first attempt is in may!

2.) complete a triathlon.
so i already announced that i signed up for a sprint triathlon, but it takes more than just signing up to call myself a triathlete! i'm really hoping that i finish the race strong, and perhaps with a new sport to love.

3.) pr in the 5k.
i finally got sub-30 in the 5k in 2015, but i'd really like to pr again, and in a chip-timed race. this means more speed work, which i really enjoy!

4.) improve my strength.
i have a really weak core and pathetic arm strength. it got a little better when i was doing pure barre, but has diminished again since i stopped going. i'd like to incorporate some at-home strength training in to my workouts this year.

5.) run 835 miles in 2016.
this would be an average of 16 miles a week, plus 3 miles for the extra day of the leap year! this would be a huge mileage accomplishment for me, so it will definitely be hard, but hard goals are good!

what are your fitness goals for 2016?



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