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lottery loser, take two.

so, i just realized this, but i never mentioned on the blog that i entered another race lottery! when i visited new york city in may, i fell in love with central park and knew i wanted to run a race there one day. after some googling, i came across the nyc half. with cheap-ish flights and hotels in march, plus a best friend who currently lives in queens, it seemed like a no-brainer! we both threw our names in to the half lottery last month and i crossed my fingers for a bit of holiday luck.
unfortunately, while my best friend was picked (which is awesome; odds were much lower for nyc residents!) i found out on that my name wasn't picked. i guess it's just not my year for lotteries. i can't even begin to tell you how bummed i am. i was really looking forward to heading back to new york, especially because i was hoping that alex would be able to join me on this trip. womp womp.
since i was being optimistic about my chances, i was expecting to start a new half training cycle in two weeks and build my base a bit more until then. now, i'm not quite sure what my next few weeks will look like. in fact, i was so sad when i first found out that i skipped my thursday run. i got over it in the next few days, and now my mind is on building the rest of my 2016 race schedule. i'm still not quite sure which ones i'll be registering for, but i think i'll be steering clear of lottery entries for awhile.

who else is super unlucky with lotteries? anybody running the nyc half?



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