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lottery loser.

just popping in for another quick update, this time running related!

as you probably know, today people were notified about whether or not they were selected from the lottery to run the chicago marathon. as you may recall, i entered the lottery last month, hoping that i could make this amazing marathon my first attempt at 26.2. after refreshing my athlete center all day, i was met with this:


womp womp. 

after hearing from so many people that "everyone gets in to chicago!" i was feeling kind of positive about my chances. now that i know i won't be running, i obviously feel sad and disappointed. it's an amazing event and i wanted to take part.

but aside from that? i'm honestly okay with it. i was starting to feel worried about whether or not i'd be able to dedicate the time necessary to properly prepare. with my internship taking up six weeks of summer, moving to a new apartment, and working on my dissertation, my summer is already shaping up to be pretty busy. while some people are very good at balancing work and training, i'm just not that disciplined. i feel like i can handle half marathon training this summer, but marathon training might just be too much and i'd probably miss a lot of runs. and now i don't have to deal with that guilt; the decision of whether or not to train for the marathon has been made for me.

maybe i'll still be in chicago next year and i'll try again. maybe i won't be but i'll be willing to make the trip. who knows. what i do know is that i have plenty of blogger friends to follow on their journey to chicago in october, and i'm just as excited for that!

congrats to everyone who got in!


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