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friday five: holiday wishlist 2015

i know this is such a cliche thing to say, but i can't believe it's christmas already! i feel like i was just making my holiday wishlist for 2014, and now here i am again! as you might expect, my wishlist is pretty dominated with fitness related items. i'm so fortunate to have received all of my most wanted items from last year, so i have a completely new list this year! i'm linking up with mar, courtney, and cynthia to share my holiday wishlist for 2015.

1.) pure barre 30 minute burn dvd
even though my ankle is feeling so much better, i haven't signed back up for a pure barre package. i miss it like crazy, but it just doesn't fit my budget right now. however, i would love to have some of the strength training back in my routine, and i think this dvd would just be perfect!

2.) around-the-ear headphones
i accidentally broke my current pair of around-the-ear headphones and would love a new pair. the wrap-around nature helps keep them in my ear when i run, and i think this model would fit my ear a bit better than my current pair. and of course, i had to go for the pink :p

3.) limeade honey stinger chews
my best long run this year was fueled by these chews, and i now believe they played a huge roll in how well that run went. i plan to use them throughout my next training cycle, meaning i need a bunch of them.

4.) run with it cuff
i love my flipbelt, but when i head out for an easy run without fuel or my phone, it's really unnecessary to bring along. really, i just need a place for my keys, and i don't always have pockets. this simple cuff seems like an awesome solution to this problem.

5.) new bike
as i mentioned last year, it's tradition in my family to get one "big" gift and a few small gifts. whereas last year i struggled to think of a big gift, this year, i knew what i wanted in august. in fact, what i want is too big! i really want a road bike so i can change up my fitness routine in the new year. this is such a pricey item, though, so i've asked my parents for a performance gift card to help with some of the cost.

obviously, i would be lucky to get anything at all, but i would be so excited to see one of these gifts under the christmas tree!

what's on your wishlist this year?


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