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i've said over and over again that i'm a klutz.

happy friday! the start of this weekend means it's officially half marathon weekend. the athlete guide is out, corral assignments are made, and my third half marathon is on the schedule for sunday.

so why the radio silence since my last update? last time i talked about some foot pain i was dealing with a few weeks ago (cramping along the outside of my foot). i really appreciated all of your tips and, though i wasn't dealing with pain at the time of posting, i definitely planned to talk to a PT if the pain came back. well, the foot pain didn't come back, but something more embarrassing did happen...
not even a day passed by, and i rolled my ankle! not from running, not from barre, just from my general klutziness and lack of grace on stairs. the roll resulted in a medial sprain (so the inner part of my left ankle) and while it wasn't (isn't?) severe, i was left with a brace to help support my ankle while it healed. i was told that sprains can heal in a few days if the proper amount of rest and icing happen, which sounded great in theory, but last weekend, i had a lot of non-negotiable walking on my schedule.
i almost cried during the 60th celebration fireworks.
yup! a week before my half marathon and just three days after my rolled ankle, i went to disneyland. i took it as easy as possible, but disney fanatics know that the miles add up at the parks. honestly, the pain didn't really show up until the end of the day at the parks, so i regret nothing.

and now? two days before the race? i feel good! the ankle is a litttttttle bit tender, but considering a little over a week ago i couldn't even walk down stairs with out wanting to cry, i'm considering this a major improvement. in fact, yesterday i tested out a full day without the brace and only felt a teeny bit of pain when stairs were involved. i have the brace back on now just to facilitate these last few days of healing.

why all this back story? because, well...i'm still going to race. my ankle is feeling good and i really want to do this race. i felt so great after my 10 miler and i think that this race could still be a pr for me. so i'm going for it. i'll be back on monday to let you know how it goes; wish me luck!

have you ever attempted a race so soon after an injury? how did it turn out?



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