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chicago half training: weeks eight, nine, and ten

sooo, i kind of fell off the face of the planet again. once again, i have an excuse...i'm teaching! i was unsure of how i would spend this next school year, but it turns out that i was able to secure a spot as a teaching fellow. which means for the past few weeks i've been making a syllabus, planning lectures, hunting down videos to use, designing assignments, and creating exams. all on top of writing up my dissertation proposal.

so yeah, pretty busy around here! the school year finally started up last week and i think i'm finally in a good swing of things, so i'm back! though there were a good two weeks there when my training was none existent, i'm still going to recap it, just so i have it to look back on...sound good? here we go!

week eight
the start of this week brought a horrible pain in my left foot. this was really weird to me, since i've usually only ever had pain in my right ankle. but this pain ran up the length of my foot and felt like intense cramping. i basically skipped all workouts (minus a few days biking) hoping it would fix itself. 

monday - rest
tuesday -rest
wednesday - pure barre
thursday - rest
friday - rest
saturday -.5 miles
sunday - rest

weekly total: .5 miles
training total: 61.1 miles

week nine
the pain didn't go away, and i ended up feeling more pain in my calves and glutes, so on monday i scheduled a deep tissue massage to work away all the pain. i think it worked; my legs felt less tight and my feet weren't cramping as much. my masseuse suggested that i ease back in to running by using the treadmill, so i renewed my gym membership.

monday - 3 miles
tuesday - pure barre
wednesday - pure barre
thursday - 1 mile
friday - pure barre
saturday - pure barre
sunday - rest

weekly total: 4 miles
training total: 65.1 miles

week ten
no pain this week, and i took advantage of it! 4 days of running (mostly short runs, but still) and 3 days of pure barre; it was a great week in my book!

monday - 1.5 miles and pure barre
tuesday - rest
wednesday - 3 miles and pure barre
thursday - 1 mile
friday - pure barre
saturday - rest
sunday - 10 miles

weekly total: 15.5 miles
training total: 80.1 miles

how has your training been the past few weeks? 


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