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friday five: things i'll miss about dc

last week i talked about the things i'm dying to get back to in chicago. well, i get to be reunited with them all in a few hours because i'm heading home today! of course, this is bittersweet because there are parts of dc i have come to really love (this does not include the metro; i cannot wait to get back to the cta). today, i think it's fitting to link up with the dc trifecta (mar, cynthia, and courtney) as i list the top five things i'll miss about dc.

1.) my internship
it has been such a great experience for me. i really wanted to know what a job outside of academia could be like, and this was the perfect chance to do just that. the projects i worked on were related to my interests, and that meant most days i had no trouble working 9 hour shifts. but best of all were the people! the program officers and young faculty in my department were an honest joy to work with everyday.
this is the art they put in my office; THEY GET ME.
2.) the museums and monuments
i was never bored on the weekends, simple as that. with the amount of free things there are to do in this city, you could spend the whole day not spending a single dollar on entertainment. the history of the place is also fascinating. i love walking by the monuments and buildings on my way home from work. i know chicago has amazing architecture, but i think the classic style of so many of the buildings and memorials here is just breathtaking. lastly, i'm oddly obsessed with abraham lincoln, and i love being in a city where there are so many markers of his life.
how can you not love him?!
3.) my jacuzzi bathtub
it has been years since i lived in a place with a tub. my new apartment has a small one, but it's not super comfortable because it's short, and thus it's not too relaxing. however, at the airbnb i chose, i have my very own jacuzzi tub. this thing is huge and i love nothing better than getting in to a nice, big, bubbly bath after a tiring week of working and exercising.
all mine.
4.) sticky fingers
of course one of the first things i googled when i got to dc was where the good vegan food is. turns out it's right near the only target in dc (convenient for my weekly errand trips!). sticky fingers is a vegan bakery and cafe, and i have become addicted to the place! i seriously made an extra trip last night because i wanted to soak it all in before i had to leave. i'm afraid of returning to life without their cowvin cookie sandwiches.
i'm attempting to bring one home for alex; let's see if it makes it through the flight :p
5.) blogger friends
yes, there are bloggers in chicago, but none that i've ever connected with in person. dc was the first time i reached out and actually met a blogger i interact with on the internet (besides my brief encounter with courtney at disneyland last year!). it was so nice to get to spend time with jenny and courtney, and i'll miss having blogger/runner friends back in chicago. but i'll see jenny in october when she runs the marathon (but also, move to chicago, okay? we need to train together!)!
look at how happy i look! i'm never this happy during a race!
have you ever been to dc? what's your favorite thing about it?


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