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friday five: things i miss from chicago

i have now been in dc for over a month. while i am really enjoying the opportunity to learn everything i can at my internship and explore a new city, i would be lying if i said i wasn't super homesick. chicago has become my home over the past 3 years, and there are tons of things i can't wait to get back to (giordano's, anyone?) today, i'm linking up with mar, courtney, and cynthia for my own friday five and talking about the things i miss most from chicago.

1.) alex
does it surprise anyone that the thing i'm most excited to get back to is my boyfriend? we moved in together about three weeks before i left for my internship, and i'm so thrilled that i'll be able to see him the second i walk through the door. long distance is tough; i do not envy anyone who has to do it for long periods of time or over a bigger time difference.
please excuse the gratuitous boyfriend photo, i just miss his face...
2.) hamilton
right up there along side alex is my cat. i miss him so much. i felt really bad leaving him behind because i feel like he thinks i abandoned him. you know he's going to be extra spoiled when i get back; i have to make up for six weeks apart! 
do not excuse this face; it's universally adorable
3.) lakefront trail
i really dislike having to cross streets/wait for stop lights while on my run. while there are a lot of trails in dc, none are convenient for me. the lakefront trail, on the other hand, is right near my apartment. i can't wait to do my long runs along lake michigan again!
i mean, would you get tired of this?
4.) my kitchen
though i like my airbnb, it doesn't have a full kitchen. i'm not much of a cook, but not being able to heat up peppers and onions on the stove for a burrito bowl or roast broccoli in an oven has been super annoying. i'll be happy to get back to making my normal meals.
and smoothies! i miss having a blender!
5.) pure barre-lincoln park
don't get me wrong, i really enjoyed my time at pure barre capitol hill. but it made me miss my home studio so much! pb-lp is an easy walk from work for me (think 5 minutes versus 35 minutes here in dc) and it's never quite as crowded in my preferred classes. plus, i want to start working my way toward 100 classes, and i have to stay put at one studio to do that!
ahh, home sweet home. image via here
of course there are more things i'm looking forward to get back to, but these top the list! 

what do you miss most from home when you're away?


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