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chicago half training: week four

the fourth week of chicago half marathon training is over! here's a reminder of how this week was supposed to look:
monday - pure barre
within the first 3 minutes of class, i knew this wouldn't be a good session for me. i was starving and felt so weak and couldn't focus at all. i kind of just went through the motions, but i got it done.

tuesday - rest
i knew ahead of time that i would be taking an early rest day this week, so i didn't feel badly about it when it came up. why the break? happy hour! my friend from my internship found a night all of the interns were free and set up a happy hour and dinner meetup for us all at a nearby restaurant. it was really fun to get to hang out with them outside of work.

wednesday - 3 miles
despite feeling like i was dying during my last mile and it being 10 degrees hotter than it was during my run last thursday, i was able to keep at my goal half marathon pace again! i'm hoping that means i'm actually getting stronger by running in this heat, even though i don't feel like it.

 - pure barre

back to enjoying barre! another great class where i really felt like my seat was getting a really good workout.

friday - 3 miles
can i add my foam roller to things i miss from chicago? this was supposed to be my long run, but i could tell half way through the first mile that my legs weren't having it. a slow three it was. i also tried using runkeeper for the first time, and i found its gps calculations to be waaaay different than mapmyrun's, so i'm not sure which one to use.

saturday - pure barre
there were only four of us in class! i mean, yeah it was mid-day saturday, but still, it felt so empty. leg and ab work felt great.

sunday - georgetown 5k + 3 miles
i had every intention of doing the 3 miles before the 5k, but weird google directions and a much needed port-a-potty trip meant that wasn't happening. jenny and i ran the 5k together (recap to come!) and then at the end of the day, i did another three. i know breaking up a long run isn't the best for building endurance, but hey, it's what the day called for.
start of the race views
weekly total: 12.1 miles
training total: 38.6 miles

which running app do you find most accurate? do you ever break up long runs?


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