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50 states & dc

after completing the georgetown 5k, i felt really giddy and excited about bringing home my shirt as a sort of "souvenir" from my trip. the last time that happened was in september when i got to haul three shirts, plus a few beautiful medals, home from the dumbo double dare challenge in disneyland.

then i thought "hey that's fun; i've run a race in two different states and dc!" and then, within a matter of minutes, there was no turning back and i officially committed myself to attempting to run a race in all 50 states.
Project #RUN50 (Running 50 Races In 50 States) this is fun to participate in, basically your goal is to run a race (5k, 10k 1/2 marathon or full marathon) in each state. looks like a fun lifetime goal!: Racing Running Half Marathons, 50 States, Buckets Lists Marathons, Projects Run50, 1 2 Marathons, U.S. States, Running A 10K Buckets Lists, Marathons Buckets Lists, 50 Racing
image from keeping up with kelsey, host of #Run50
you've probably seen a few bloggers around who are trying to do the same! i always love reading their race recaps and totally have some of their hometown races on my wish list. i'm not sure if there's a set of rules my fellow bloggers all follow, but i did want to set a few guidelines for myself as i attempt this:
  1. it must be a timed race (i.e. no "fun" runs or training runs)
  2. it must be 5k or longer
  3. if a race happens over two states, i can only count one
i hope that this challenge will encourage me to travel (and run!) more, and hopefully it also leads to meeting more bloggers in person! i'll of course be documenting all the races on my blog, but i also have a new tab that will keep track of each state i cross off my list!

are you trying to run a race in all of the states? any race recommendations in your state?


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