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spoilers and support systems.

it's now september, which means my half marathon and attempt at the dumbo double dare has come and gone. i want to wait until marathonfoto is done tagging photos to do a full recap of the weekend, but i'm going to go ahead and post a spoiler:
i did it!

i'm officially a half marathoner. while the race didn't go exactly as planned, i'm still incredibly proud about finishing both a 10k and half marathon in one weekend. it was crazy just how many different emotions i experienced during 13.1 miles, but i have to say, i'm already excited to take on the next one, whenever that may be.

but before i talk about the details of the expo and races, i want to talk about the amazing support system that helped me through the weekend. if it wasn't for them, i honestly could not have done it.

first, my parents.
two days after i told my dad i signed up for the dumbo double, he called me to let me know he and my mom booked their flights, reserved a hotel room, and bought the platinum chEAR squad package. i was stunned! obviously this was no small cost, but it meant the world to me that they instantly knew they wanted to be there and support me. it was so much fun to see them on main street and as i crossed the finish line, and it definitely helped that they were there to assist me in hobbling back to my hotel afterward haha.

second, alex.
i wore the mickey earrings he gave me, so he was there in spirit.
as most of you know, my boyfriend is my cheer squad at most of my races in chicago. whether it's waiting at the finish line in 40 degree weather or pushing me out of bed for training runs, he's always helping me. this past weekend, he was in paris for his sister's wedding, and yet still found ways to contact me via facebook to ask how i was doing and to let me know how proud he was.

third, the internet.

i felt such an outpouring of love from everyone on twitter and my blog in the days leading up to the event. so many well-wishes were sent my way, and it was so nice to know how many people believed that i could do this. so, thank you! i can't wait to tell you all about the weekend!

who is your biggest support system?


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