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barre and running and moving...oh my!

i'm all moved in to my new place but comcast is being horrible and i'm still without internet (which is why i've been so silent around here). i had to come to starbucks today to get some grading done and figured while i was on their wifi, i would pop in with an update on my workouts from the past two weeks.

this past sunday i ran the united run for the zoo 5k (recap to come). i originally hoped that this race would be a catalyst to get me excited about running before fall half marathon training begins next month. instead, mother nature decided we needed a downpour and wind to keep us company, and it ended up being a challenging race moreso than a fun one. however, despite the awful weather conditions, i think i'm ready to start running regularly again.

as i mentioned in my last post, i took advantage of the new client discount at my local pure barre studio. i've only been to five classes since i started, but i'm already hooked! i love the challenge each class presents and, more importantly, i'm loving how i'm feeling about my body in such a short amount of time. i've lost inches and gained strength, all in less than two weeks! now i spend my free time online shopping for tanks and leggings and i'm convinved i need 800 pairs of sticky socks. i'm not kidding; i'm obsessed! i'm already dreading my pass running out, since i can't quite afford the regular price on my student budget.

is this my new bed?
you know what's a killer workout? moving. i think know i was super naive with this move, since i assumed it would be as easy as my last move. i guess i underestimated how much stuff i've accumulated in the last three years, because this move was anything but easy. i tried to document everything i did during the three days we moved.
-packed all of my belongings
-carried 20 (!) bags of trash down to the alley behind my old apartment
-sawed a couch and bed frame in half
-power cleaned two bedrooms, a living room, dining room, kitchen, and bathroom
-carried 8 boxes, 4 bags, 3 shelves, a chair, and a microwave down one flight of stairs and up another 50 stairs

basically, i was exhausted by the time the whole process was done. and just when i thought we got through it with no problems, when we were waiting for our celebratory brunch, i started having chest pains. like really bad chest pains accompanied with shortness of breath. i thought maybe i was just hungry or thirsty, but after it didn't go away after a few hours, i went to the ER. after a lot of different tests, they said i have costochondritis, which is basically inflamed cartilage in the rib cage. i was really relieved to know i wasn't dying (because it definitely felt like i was!), but the doctor said i had to take a break from chest engaging activities for a few days (aka no barre; boooo). apparently i worked my upper body too hard during the move!

so that's what i've been up to!

what's everyone else been doing? i feel like i'm so behind without internet!


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