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life's timing and race training.

as of today, my life is no longer exhaustingly chaotic, worrisome, and busy. no more apartment panic, no more internship preparation to do, no more comps paperwork (i passed, by the way! i'm officially a doctoral candidate!), no more research study things to prepare, and no more financial stress. my to-do list is the shortest it's been in months and things have finally slowed down.
i celebrated with a salted caramel milkshake and fell in love.
and they have slowed down just in time for my half marathon. as in, my race is on sunday. as in, my training has been crap and now i have a week to get prepared.


things were going so well! i was making it through my training with no issues: no pain, hardly any skipped runs, and was even getting faster! but then life happened and now, i'm nowhere near where i'm supposed to be. my longest training run was a slow 8 miles and my mid-week runs have been almost non-existent and definitely not consistent.

honestly, i'm not too upset. huge life events took priority, and that's just what needed to happen. i'm so excited for everything that's happening and that has happened (had i not passed comps or gotten the internship, i might be singing a different tune), that i can't even get too focused on what could have been, race wise.

it just means this race won't be what i hoped it would be. there was no sticking to a training plan. there will be no negative splitting. there will likely be no personal record. there will probably just be lots and lots of pain. and that's okay. not every race will be a great race. i'm still going to do it, and i'm sure it will be fun, and then agonizing, and then i'll cross the finish line and think it was fun, again.

at least, i'm hoping so, because i've already registered for a fall redemption race, so i can use my more relaxed summer schedule to train!

but first things first, i'm about to log 13.1 miles at the chicago spring half! ready or not (definitely not), here i come!

have you ever been woefully undertrained for a race? how did it turn out?


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