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playing the lottery.

there's something that's been on my mind a lot lately, and by lately, i mean the past few months.

when i first started running and training, the 13.1 mile race i was getting ready for sounded so. very. long. so doubling that? possibly running for over 5 hours? no. no, thank you.

but after over a year of doing this running thing, the idea of a marathon has slowly grown on me. i don't have to be fast. i don't have to push myself to making myself ill. i just have to finish. and i want to finish. i want to do a marathon.

and well, i live in a city where a huge marathon takes place. i doubt i'll ever move to new york or boston, and especially not london or berlin or tokyo. but for at least the next year and a half, i live in chicago. that means no travel or hotels to worry about. i have the amazing advantage of rolling out of my own bed, heading to the start line, and then hobbling back home to bask in food in my own living room with my cat. it's an opportunity that few people get.

basically, i really feel like if i don't at least try to run the chicago marathon, i'll regret it.

so today, at 2:25pm, i threw my name in the lottery.

in addition to excitement, i'm totally filled with anxiety now. not over the whole thought of training for a marathon; i'll cross that bridge if i get to it. but it's the whole waiting for the unknown. i won't know if i'm selected for six more weeks. and i've heard a lot of encouraging stories about how almost everyone who puts their name in for chicago gets selected, but what if i'm in that little percent who doesn't? only time will tell.

have you ever played the marathon lottery?



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