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what i ate wednesday: 2/4 (engine 2 recipes!)

you might recall that a few weeks ago i started the engine 2 challenge. this coming monday is the last day of the challenge, and i gotta say, i'm so happy that it's almost over. whereas the challenge did help shed the holiday pounds i put on, it also made me very aware how bland some foods are! oil and salt are just so nice for added flavor, and i have to admit, sugar keeps me happy.

that being said, i did try some new recipes this past month, and although most were just meh, a few i'll be keeping in my normal rotation. despite being made without oil and having minimal salt and sugar, these recipes were really good. more importantly, they were easy to make! today, i'm linking up for what i ate wednesday to share my favorite engine 2 recipes.

favorite engine 2 breakfast: blueberry dumpster muffins
this is actually a recipe that rip has on the engine 2 website. it sparked my interest because of how few ingredients it required, most of which i already had in my kitchen. i made it once as a "cobbler" but realized it had more of a muffin-y texture, so i decided to make it as little muffins from there on out. so good, and so easy. i usually paired it with a piece of fruit and tea in the morning.

favorite engine 2 lunch: veggie and black bean fajitas
i'm somebody who could have mexican food everyday, so this was a perfect lunch for me; i had it about 3 days a week. the only tricky part to make it engine 2 friendly is finding no oil added, corn tortillas and low sodium/sugar salsas. this was also a quick meal; i just threw some pre-cut peppers and onions on a pan, fluffed the tortillas in the microwave for 30 seconds, and then layered mashed avocado, black beans, the charred veggies, and my favorite salsas on top. yum!

favorite engine 2 snack: buffalo cauliflower "wings"
so i made these for the super bowl on sunday, and was a little worried of how they would turn out. well, i didn't need to worry, because they were awesome! i bought pre-cut cauliflower at whole foods (because i'm lazy) and then followed this recipe. since i couldn't grease the baking sheet, i used parchment paper, and it worked out fine. my boyfriend was a huge fan of them, and is requesting them again this weekend.

favorite engine 2 dinner: rainbow chili
chili never photographs well, does it? oh well, that's besides the point. one of the easiest things to make for this challenge is chili or soup. though most people use oil in these things, it's super easy to just bypass it and make up for the flavor with spices. for this chili, i wanted it really colorful, so i chose something to represent each color; tomatoes for red, chopped carrots for orange, corn for yellow, bell peppers for green, kidney beans for purpleish, and black beans (they sorta look blue when you wash them...). i used a non-stick pot to cook the peppers and carrots, and then added everything else plus a little no-oil, low sodium vegetable broth. everything came together nicely, especially when i added chili powder and hot sauce.

favorite engine 2 dessert: baked oatmeal cookies
dessert is my favorite meal, so i made sure to try to find recipes that worked with the challenge and my sweet tooth. though these cookies aren't on par with a good ol' chocolate chip cookie, they did fit the bill for this challenge, and could definitely work as breakfast, too, since the ingredients are so healthy. it's just two mashed bananas combined with a cup of old-fashioned oats and a 1/4 cup of raisins, plus as much cinnamon as you'd like. bake them at 350 for 20 minutes on parchment lined paper, and you're done!

so those are my favorite recipes from this challenge. i can't wait until next week when i can follow up my daily fajitas with some girl scout cookies ;)

what are your favorite recipes?


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