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engine 2 challenge!

in addition to pre-training for my half marathon, i want to recommit to eating healthy, so that when real training begins, i'm not tempted with foods that are going to weigh me down. i'm a vegan, which means i get plenty of fruits and veggies. but during and after the holidays, my meals looked less colorful and looked more like cookies. so i wanted to find a plan to help reset my system.

enter the engine 2 challenge.
image via whole foods

the engine 2 challenge is a 28 day plan where you eliminate all animal products from your diet (already done!), as well as
i love the idea of this plan because it really focuses on the healthy parts of a vegan diet, and helps to remind me why i went vegan in the first place. 28 days is also the perfect amount of time to help cleanse my body of cravings and addictions, but isn't so long to where i feel like i'll never get to eat chipotle again. engine 2 is teamed up with whole foods, and they have a bunch of engine 2 products there, as well as cooking demos; i'm hoping i'll get to try them both! i'm also looking forward to start experimenting in the kitchen a bit more with this challenge.

don't be surprised if i start participating in what i ate wednesday this month!

do you ever feel the need to reset your eating habits?


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