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spring half pre-training: midway update

if you recall, i'm pre-training for half marathon training; i decided to dedicate the seven weeks before training officially begins to work on building back up my running endurance. well, it's been 3.5 weeks since i started (seriously?! where did january go?!), meaning i'm half way through pre-training. how's it going you might ask?

great! i mean, not so much in terms of following my weekly schedule, but of building my endurance back up, at least. my weekly schedule was supposed to look like this:
weekly schedule
mon – rest
tues – app workout and strength train
wed – cross train
thurs– app workout and strength train
fri – rest
sat – app workout and strength train
sun – cross train

i'll just go ahead and admit that i have done 0 cross training and like, 1 session of strength training in the past 3.5 weeks. my schedule is super busy, and it's more important to me to make sure my running endurance is back, so that's what i've been focusing on. though i retired the app pretty early on, i did focus on using run/walk intervals as planned.

the first week back, i was in the middle of a pretty bad cold, and run/walking around the indoor track caused my nose to leak and my chest to burn. i couldn't even make it to 2 miles before having to stop due to breathing issues. i decided to let myself get healthy, while also deciding that i would probably do better on the treadmill than the track the next time i came to the gym, since my breathing problems were probably also pace related.

the next time, i kept run/walk intervals on the treadmill, and was able to make it to 3 miles. every run that followed, i made it my goal to run longer than i had previously while still hitting 3 total miles. as of last night, i eliminated all the walking from my 3 mile run! i think i built back up to that more quickly than i expected to.
shaky, tired hands = blurry pictures
so what's my plan for the remaining 3.5 weeks? i'd love to say that i'm going to stick better to that initial plan, but i don't see my schedule at work slowing down anytime soon. instead, i'm going to try to bump up my days running from 3 days to 4 days a week (to prepare for the 4 days i'll be doing weekly during training). i plan to use the 3 days during the weekdays to work on pace, and one day on the weekend to build up to that 4 or 5 mile goal i had originally.

i'm feeling good about the base i'm building, regardless of not sticking to my original pre-training plan completely (who else is not surprised?). one thing i think that's helping push me to the gym to run? i bought the believe training journal, and i so badly want to write in it all the time, that i make sure to go to the gym! hahah

how is your training going? 


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