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ailing ankle.

throw back to healing.
so remember once upon a time when my ankle ruined two races in a week?

well if you do, then you probably remember that i took a couple weeks off from running to help heal my ankle. during that time, i didn't run at all, not even a mile. instead, i focused on barre classes and at-home exercises. i hoped that these things would strengthen my ankle. i did this along with wearing KT tape and icing my ankle after my workouts. since i was so pro-active, and since i was so sure i was doing everything right to heal myself, i figured the problem would be gone soon. and it seemed to work! when i started turkey training, i was feeling no pain. miles went by without even a twinge and i was able to start doing speed-work like i wanted to.

but that didn't last.

if you're wondering why i haven't been posting updates about how turkey training is going, it's because it's not. trying to run faster than normal or longer than a mile irks my ankle. it's gotten to the point where even sometimes when i'm just walking in my office causes pain. so, i don't think my few week rest actually fixed the issue.

so what do i plan to do next?

well after talking with some fellow runners and people on my school's track team, i think my shoes may be the problem. i love my nikes, i really do. they're cute and comfortable and i had no pain for seven months of running. but i think i may need more support now that i'm pushing my distance and speed. it makes me sad, but i think it's for the best to at least try out a new type of shoe to see if it helps. the plan is to go to fleet feet and have them assess my gait and pick out shoes for me. unfortunately, i'm not at a place financially where i can afford a new, expensive pair of shoes right now. so this will likely have to wait until after the holidays when i, hopefully, get a gift certificate that will help out with the cost.

and as for the turkey trot? i'm still undecided about whether or not to try to do it. on the one hand, i don't have to push my time; i can just enjoy the experience of running my first turkey trot and do my best. on the other hand, i can defer to any other lifetime race with my entry fee, which would allow me to run when my ankle is better (and avoid a cold race day!). i'm still up in the air, but i'll let you know what i decide!

have you gotten professionally fit for running shoes? what do you think: run the turkey or no?

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