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fantastic friday: sparkly soul giveaway!

last week was hell. seriously. by the time i got to friday, i was ready to curl up in to a ball and permanently live in the fetal position. but! now it's friday again, and things have improved so much. the huge list of stresses i have are now down to a more manageable list, and i have things to be excited for and i'm really looking forward to some changes coming my way.

so how am i celebrating this wonderful flip-flop? a giveaway of course!

by now, you've probably heard of sparkly soul headbands. they're adorable. they were created by a fellow athlete, so they're made to withstand sweating. the have no elastic in the back; just 360 degrees of sparkle, so no worrying about it snapping or breaking. there are tons of colors and prints, come in either sparkly or satin, and are available in both thick and wide widths. and, did i mention how cute they are?? obviously i love them.
i'm obsessed.
one of the best parts of the company, in my opinion, is how much they interact with their customers. if you check out their facebook or twitter, you'll always see them featuring their customers, posting motivational quotes, and running giveaways. originally, i bought myself three of the thin headbands, totally thinking i was exclusively team thin. but after spending some time on their social media pages, i won a wide one and loved it, too!

eager to grow my collection, i recently entered one of their giveaways for a surprise 3-pack. and what do ya know, i won! when i received my package in the mail, i was stoked to see a thick purple headband (one of the colors on my wishlist). the other two were a thin silver and thick charcoal, headbands i already owned (and two of my most worn!). now as much as i love to sparkle, i really don't need duplicates, so i'm giving them away to let somebody else find out if they're team thin, team wide, or team both!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
the giveaway runs through next friday, october 3rd. enter above to sparkle!


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