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where did the time go?

well i disappeared for a bit!

in the past 10 days, i've had more fun and more stress than i've had in months, and it totally distracted from the blog. sorry about that! but a few fitness things happened, so i hope you don't mind if i share them, even if it is a bit late!

the most fun thing? i turned 24!
never in my life did i think i would start a birthday off with a workout of any kind, but that's exactly what i did thursday morning. armed with a silver sparkly soul headband and my running shoes, i ran to fritz pastry to get a vegan birthday cake donut. it was the sweatiest run i've ever done thanks to the high humidity, but the donut at the end made it so worth it!

the most unexpected thing? more events!

after the last event i went to, i was excited about future similar events. well, i didn't have to wait long! i got an email a few days ago about a new program launching in chicago, and am invited to try three free, sponsored workout classes for it: barre, flywheel, and yoga! i'm so stoked about this opportunity, especially since i want to add some classes in to my workout schedule once the half is over, so this is perfect! keep a lookout for recaps in a few weeks!

the most exciting thing? my last long run!
last sunday i had a lot of ankle pain when i woke up for my long run in the morning. i decided to rest and ice it all day, and then set out in the evening for 11 miles. despite some initial, dull pain in my ankle, i felt great. i was able to keep a faster pace than my last few long runs and was excited the entire run. i finished feeling strong and actually recovered pretty quickly! my training plan had me training up to 11 miles, but i was going to add in a 12 miler today just to feel more confident. however, i woke up feeling ill and my ankle was a little sore again, so i decided to skip it. i feel okay about this, especially since my 11 miler went so well!

those were definitely the highlights of the past week and a half. and now, it's time to focus on hydrating, eating clean, and short runs to keep me loose because my half marathon is in ONE WEEK. oh my god!

did anything fun, unexpected, or exciting happen recently for you? tell me about it!



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