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event recap: new balance girl's night out

one of the perks of living in a big city is all the fun, free, fitness-related things offered, such as yoga in the park or the november project. however, as i've mentioned, i get pretty anxious in social situations where i don't know anybody. but, when i got an email about new balance bringing their girl's night out series to chicago, i knew that if i really wanted to go, i'd have to do it alone. with some encouragement from my boyfriend (who was so upset it was girl's only; he wanted to go!) i decided to rsvp to the invite.

the new balance store where it was being held was kind of small, so as all of us ladies started filing in to check-in, it filled up pretty quickly. the store had water and clif bars if anybody needed workout fuel, and then a little after 6:45pm, we took a group picture and got the workout started.
photo courtesy of actionbooth.com
perfect little grassy knoll for a workout.
the workout consisted of a short run (half mile there, half mile back) and a 45 minute bootcamp session. i was a little worried, as i'm not exactly the strongest, but i decided to push myself, and actually didn't do too badly! i had to do modified versions of pushups (story of my life) and take a few, quick rests, but i kept up and definitely felt the workout. it also helped that we were outside, so it was nice and cool...having a great view didn't hurt, either. i even chitchatted a bit with the girls next to me...baby steps! the run back, my legs were wobbly, but i felt really good and happy.

back at the new balance store, they had music going, along with food and drinks for all the ladies. they also had face towelettes to wipe the sweat off, which was so appreciated. they announced that, along with getting swag bags filled with fun stuff like a GNO headband and a pass for free fitness classes with the people who lead the bootcamp, they were also offering 20% off all store merchandise. knowing this, and seeing as how much i enjoyed the event, i couldn't help but make a purchase.

i really liked this event! it was a fun atmosphere and i got a good workout out of it. it also helped me work on my social anxiety by making me realize that these things aren't as awful as i work them up to be in my mind. i'll definitely be back if they host another in my neighborhood, and who knows, maybe i'm finally ready to tackle a november project session!

have you been to a new balance event? what did you think?


disclaimer: the event was complimentary from new balance for all attendees.
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