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friday five: current goals

i always love reading the friday five posts from the linkup eat pray run dc, mar on the run!, and you signed up for what? host. but when i saw the theme this week was goals, i knew i wanted to participate as well. hooray for my first friday five!

1.) finish a half marathon
when i wrote out my new year's resolutions this year, the only running goal i had on there was to run a 10k. i didn't realize that i would check that goal off so early in the year, and that a half marathon would also be possible for me. my first half marathon is next month, and i have no goals in terms of time, i just want to finish!

2.) do a sub 30 minute 5k
this goal is a little more far off in the future, i assume. when i ran my last 5k, my finish time was 32:16. when i think back on that race, i can clearly remember when i didn't push enough and what went wrong. i really think if, after my half, i focus on speedwork and do a 5k in cooler weather, i might have a shot at breaking 30 minutes!

3.) attend a november project workout 
i first heard of november project through a blog post ali did, and i was immediately intrigued. luckily for me, there is a group in chicago. unlucky for me, i'm socially awkward and don't have enough confidence in my workout abilities to make it through a session. i'm hoping that i can work through some of the issues i have and find the courage to meet up with them one wednesday morning!

4.) save enough money to go to hawaii
february in hawaii > february in chicago
so, this obviously isn't running related, and that's the point! my cousin is getting married in hawaii in february, and i really want to go. one, because i'd love to be there to celebrate with her, but also because my family is going and they plan to spend a week at a beach house afterward for a vacation. i'm in the process of finishing up my masters, working on projects with my advisor, and training for a half marathon; in other words, i need a relaxing vacation. and i'd love it to be with my family. so i'm hoping i can save up enough to be able to enjoy some time with my family in a few months.

5.) get accepted to srcd
another non-running related goal, but it's one that is coming up. the society of research in child development (srcd) is having their bi-annual conference in march, and submissions to present are due in two weeks! after that, my abstract will be reviewed by some experts in my sub-field to see if i'm able to present my work at the conference. this event would be an amazing opportunity to network, and so i really hope i get accepted. which means i have to put together an impressive submission!

so there you have it! five goals in my life right now.

what goals are you currently working on? any goals you've recently completed?


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