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monday musings (with sum it up "sunday" week 4 at the end)

something odd happened last week, something that i'm just now admitting to anyone but myself (as you can see, i didn't post yesterday about last week's workouts; i didn't really want to acknowledge the awful week i had). 

after finally finishing the school year two weeks ago and starting summer, i knew that i would have ample time to dedicate to training. it's part of the reason i chose a summer half marathon, honestly. training during school would have been much too hard, but since my workload is cut in half during the summer, i have way more free time to run. therefore, i didn't really sweat the fact that my first few weeks of training were hit and miss, as i purposely have an extra long training plan (14 weeks rather than the standard 10-12) so that the first few weeks allowed for finals to happen and interfere with training. 

but when this first "real" week of training finally came about, i felt so unmotivated! like, the idea of running filled me with so much anguish. it was kind of scary. did i hate running? because it sure felt like it. at one point i even told my boyfriend "running isn't any fun." and so, i skipped runs. i didn't strength train. i didn't even do a cardio-based cross train. i wasn't even pretending to train! when i finally sat myself down and asked why i was sabotaging all my hard work, i realized that i was scared to actually start training! how crazy is that?? it took a good long, self reflection yesterday to remind myself why i am doing this and that i do in fact want to do this. sooo, here's hoping this week goes better. cross your fingers for me?

for the sake of keeping everything honest on my blog, here's what happened last week:

monday, 6/16: rest day
scheduled rest day in my training, so no regret here.

tuesday, 6/17: missed training.
my training calls for 3 miles on tuesdays, but when i got out of my office and it was raining, i took it as an easy excuse to skip the run.  

wednesday, 6/18: 30 minute cross training
i kept telling myself i would make up the 3 miles missed, but then, again, the rain started. cardio sounded awful, so i was relieved, and did yoga instead. 

thursday, 6/19: 1 mile run
i actually motivated myself for a run! but, it was at noon. so by the time i got through a mile, it was 82 degrees, and i hated it. so i stopped. ugh.

friday, 6/20: missed training 
i used every possible excuse to not run: cleaning, shopping, weather, pain. totally unnecessary, as i was literally just making excuses to myself.

saturday, 6/21: missed training 
i slept in and then told myself not to run at night because it would tire me out for the next day's long run in the morning. i mean, how ridiculous, right?!

sunday, 6/22: 7 mile run
i had an awful time trying to sleep the night before, because i knew it was going to be a hard run, considering how many training runs i skipped. the first two miles were fine, and then it all kind of crumbled from there. i'd get short bursts of energy, but then they'd be killed off minutes later. it was a total mental rollercoaster, and by the time i'd finished, i realized how much damage my laziness had caused. luckily, this run is what prompted my self-reflection and re-motivated me to dedicate my time to training. silver lining!
total miles for the week: 8
total pushups: 0
total situps: 0
total squats: 0
total plank time: 0

did you find yourself losing motivation during training?


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