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workout wednesday: foam roller yoga

yesterday (i'm late on posting; whoops!), i was planning on running despite it being my cross training day due to a switch up in my training schedule this week. however, mother nature apparently wanted me to keep my original plan, because by the time i was ready to run, it was pouring outside and the thunder was rolling in. not ideal running, in my opinion.

because i was once again stuck inside, i needed to find a workout i could do in my bedroom. i decided i really didn't want to try cardio again, since the space at the foot of my bed really doesn't allow for much room, and most at-home workouts call for moving back and forth and jumping (side note: seriously, so many at home videos are done in like, huge empty rooms or gyms; who has that kind of space in their home?!)

luckily, runner's world had sent out an email the day before about yoga with a foam roller, which included a nifty video. i had shown interest when i first got the email, so i decided why not use it as my workout? i rolled out my yoga mat and grabbed my foam roller and got to work.

image via runner's world
right away, the stretch i was getting all throughout my body was amazing. it had been awhile since i did yoga, so it felt really nice. adding in the foam roller just increased the amount of stretch i got. some of the moves using the foam roller were ones i already do when foam rolling after a run, but there were other areas targeted that were new for my body. there was also a nice session of working the it bands, which hurt so good. after the 38 minutes were up, i felt great.

so would i do this workout again? yes.

stretching and foam rolling are part of running, and this video is a nice walk-through of how to target keys areas and get a good stretch. i think once i get in to double digit running, this video may become a key part of recovery after long runs.


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