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sometimes i'm too impulsive...

i was in the room today while my boyfriend did his workout (he's over half way through insanity and is planning to repeat the program when he's done; he's ridiculous) and i couldn't help but be inspired by all the fit bodies on screen. i began daydreaming over what my body may look like in a few months, when i'm running longer distances and incorporating different workouts and strength training in to my days. i can't wait to see my body improve and become stronger.

for running, this translates in to my achieving faster times on short distances and taking fewer walking breaks on long distances. while i'm looking forward to my first 5k race next month, it's still rather close to the beginning of my running journey, and i'm not sure how well i'll do. i'm already eager to do 5ks later in the year so i can see myself achieve my mini-goals (kind of crazy when i don't even have a 5k time to start from, yet).

how did i decide to deal with this enthusiasm, you ask? start looking for races later in the year, of course.

so today, while my boyfriend sweat and worked to shaun t's voice, i googled my little heart out for 5ks in chicago. somehow, and i'm not really sure how, i decided that running a 5k every three months is a great idea because it gives me consistency and i can (hopefully) say "i took [insert time here] off my 5k in three months!"

what i discovered is, because it's still pretty far out from june, september, and december, registration prices are relatively low.

and the races sound so fun.

and they're perfectly three months apart.

...i think you know where this is going.

yes, motivated by price, excitement, and hot bodies on tv, i managed to sign up for two more 5ks in the blink of an eye. they're both 5k divisions of bigger, annual half marathons here in chicago. the first is the michellob ultra event on june 7th and the second is the hyundai hope on wheels 5k on september 7th. luckily, registration for races in december hasn't opened up yet, or else i would have spent some serious dough on events so far away. but i can't even think of the money; i'm so excited to have more races to look forward to!



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