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green beer 5k.

i was scrolling through instagram today when i saw a picture of my friend running a 5k race. the photo featured her and her sister making their way to the finish line, and i couldn't help but notice they both had huge smiles on their faces; they were having fun.

instantly, i was inspired to find a 5k in my area to complete once i have finished the first part of my training app. coincidentally, my 5k training is over in the beginning of march, which is when race season really starts up here in chicago (probably because nobody would ever compete in the subzero temperatures we're currently experiencing). using running in the usa's website, i found over twenty 5k races happening in the middle of march in northern illinois alone! most of them are themed around around st. patrick's day, but i was particularly drawn in by the green beer 5k happening at soldier field.
images via green beer 5k's website

what was so intriguing about this specific race, you ask? i could say it was the convenient location (i'm not a morning person, so the closer to my house the better), the finisher medal (i'm a sucker for bling), or the post-race lucky charms (any excuse to eat sugary kids cereal). but what really sold me was the green beer they're offering at the finish line.

free booze? i'm in.

i'm officially registered for my first race! the 5k is in seven weeks exactly, so i'm even more motivated to stick to my training to insure that i finish strong.



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