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my first mile.

it took six weeks and a total of seventeen days running, but i have officially completed the first non-stop mile of my program.

similar to when i broke a 12:00 minute per mile pace, i realized pretty early on in my run that good things were possible if i kept pushing myself. i was about three laps into my workout, when i realized i hadn't even been running for four minutes yet. today's program from my app called for two ten minute running segments, with a three minute walking break in between them. i did some quick math in my head and figured out that if i kept my pace steady, i would complete a mile in that first portion of running

i got a little giddy when i realized this because, not only would it be the first non-stop mile of my program, it would be the first of my entire life. an unexpected first-in-my-life achievement?! i wanted it.

and so i ran my hardest, pushing myself when i realized i was falling slightly under pace, and mostly distracted myself with music and thoughts similar to "holycrapohmygodthisissocool!"

and i did it!

the first non-stop mile of my life, and i did it in 10 minutes. i have to say, i'm pretty darn proud of myself.

i was pretty tired for the remainder of the workout, using the three minutes of walking to try to catch my breath and then running the second ten minutes at a much, much slower pace.

i finished my twenty-three minute workout by completing 2.03 miles with a pace of 11:19 minutes per mile, which was a mini accomplishment in itself. but it was definitely overshadowed by the first mile. i'm now more motivated to keep training for all the races i've signed up for and more confident that i will finish them, and finish them well!


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