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dear eighth grade self,

tonight, i ran at a 12:00 mile pace.

that means, had it been ten years ago, you would have passed p.e. with an A.

in fact, i ran two miles in twenty four minutes, meaning you would have passed it twice.

if you want to picture what i looked like accomplishing this goal, reference zach braff below.

gif via tumblr
i honestly didn't even want to go to the track tonight. it took a lot of self-convincing to actually get myself up off the bed to pack my gym bag. but once i was there, i was focused on running well and doing my best. it was about half way through my workout when i realized the pace i was keeping, and i felt a surge of energy to keep going. and so i did. on my last two laps, when i would usually let myself naturally slow down from being tired, i pushed. and because of that, i got to see the big overhead clock hit twenty four minutes just as i passed under it for my sixteenth lap.

i was worried about this week on my app; it had me running for five minutes at a time, which sounded unthinkable to me before i did it. but if anything, this week just showed me that i am capable of so much more than i thought i was. the day of vengeance for my thirteen year old self is over now, and from here on out, i run for future me and the goals i now know i can reach.


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