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bricks and iron.

since i was feeling fairly accomplished after my run on saturday (by the way: thanks for the love, readers!), i went in to yesterday's run feeling pretty upbeat. i figured i would easily hit two miles again in my workout, especially since my app had me walking less.

i was wrong.

about three minutes in to my first running set, my legs started to feel a little heavy. thirty seconds later, my legs started to feel very heavy. it was like i was shuffling around on legs made out of bricks, and i wasn't moving very fast because of it. when i would slow down for my walk breaks, nothing on my body hurt, my legs didn't feel sore, and i wasn't out of breath, but as soon as i was running again, it was like trudging through mud. i finished my run just shy of two miles, which was a bit disappointing.

i'm honestly kind of confused as to why it was happening. i could chalk it all up to not stretching properly, but i've been pretty diligent about using my foam roller and stretching this past week, so i don't think it's that. and i don't think it's the increased running time in my workouts, because the heavy feeling started pretty early in my run.

of course, i googled a bit, and some articles suggested that i have a lack of iron in my diet. this could be possible, as i eat mostly vegan foods and don't always incorporate dark greens in to my meals. my current plan of action is to eat a big salad each day and see how that goes. fingers crossed.

any tips on dealing with heavy legs?



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