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a month in review: february

i can't believe it will be march tomorrow...probably because of the single digit temperatures and the forecast of snow all weekend. come on, chicago! get in spring mode!

total miles: 25.37

total running days: thirteen

best average workout pace: 10:43 min/mile

biggest accomplishment: last week i ran the first non-stop mile of my life. it was a pretty cool feeling, since i've always been one to joke that "i can't even run a mile", and now i can! i've already progressed past that, but it still makes me happy.

best run: tuesday's run on my app called for the first, purely running session of the program (as in no walking) and i was nervous about it. i was a little worried that i wasn't prepared to complete 20 minutes non-stop yet, and that i'd have to repeat the day a bunch before i could check it off. however, i surprised myself by actually doing it! it wasn't easy, but i was actually surprised that it wasn't until 16 minutes in that i actually felt tired. this is incredible progress from my first day!

things for next month: i have my first 5k in two weeks! my goal is to complete it in 35 minutes or less, since that is the result my app "promises," so here's hoping.

how was your month?


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