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friday five: fitness ups and downs

it's been so long since i linked up with mar, cynthia, and courtney for friday five! this week is a free topic, and i was just thinking about how this week has been full of highs and lows for me, fitness wise. so what better way to celebrate them/vent about them than to share it with the internet?!

1.) high: i ordered a road bike!
i am so excited about this! after thinking i could just pick the cutest bike and be good to go, and then being told i was wrong, i did a bunch of bike research and i think i found the perfect one for me! my local performance didn't have the model in stores, so i actually had to buy it first and get it sent to the store so i can go try it out. i can return it if it doesn't work for me, but i'm really hoping it does!

2.) low: my runs have been super slow lately
i have NO idea what's going on with my pace lately. i'm getting enough calories, i'm super hydrated, i'm warming up before my runs, and yet my pace is so slow. like, i think slower than when i first started running!  (okay, i actually just checked my early posts, and i'm exaggerating i guess, but i'm right around those old paces!) it's really annoying me.

3.) high: my 2016 race schedule is coming together!
despite bad runs lately, i'm still getting excited for the race season this year. i'm trying a bunch of new-to-me races, and i think i've decided on all of the races i want to do. now it's just making sure they all work for my schedule/getting registered, but i'm excited!

4.) low: i keep forgetting to stretch/foam roll
i was being really good about this all month until this week. i think it's because i'm not feeling tight or pain, so i don't think "oh i should foam roll" but i know it's still beneficial. plus, i also know that once i fall out of the habit, i'll always forget to do it.

5.) high: i think my strength training is paying off!
in this "off season" i've been focusing a lot on strength training. my arms and core are super weak, and i'd really like for that to change. i've been doing 3-6 days a week of strength training this month, and last night i was able to do burpees and push-ups without wanting to die! and then i looked at my tummy and realized it's looking a bit tighter. high five to me!

what are the highs of your week? any lows? 



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