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expanding my running repertoire.

while running my turkey trot last saturday, i couldn't help but thank the volunteers out at the race over and over. volunteers are always awesome, but these guys were out in 30 degree weather, standing right by the lake. not many people are willing to stand in the cold just to help people race!

then i thought about the fact that i've been running for almost two years now, and i've never taken the chance to return the favor! there are still plenty of races happening this year in chicago and, while i don't plan on running any of them, i can certainly still participate. i've been a runner and a spectator before; now it was my chance to be a volunteer.

my search started just as finding a race to run does. i went to runningintheusa to find races in chicago during december, crossed off those that were happening on days i was busy or out of town, and was left with just one option: the rudolph ramble 8k. this was actually a race i had considered running previously, so i was excited at the possibility of being a part of it. i found the volunteer contact information on the race page and eagerly awaited a response.
registration is still open for the 8k!
gerri from fleet feet got back to me with a list of open opportunities and i got to choose whichever one i wanted! there were openings for a course marshal, race day registration and kids race facilitator, and early packet pick-up. i knew i wanted to be there race day, but course marshal sounded intense for a newbie, so i picked race day registration and kids race facilitator!

my check-in time is 7am on sunday the 13th, and i can't wait! i'll be sure to do a recap from a volunteer perspective!

have you ever volunteered at a race before?


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