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thanksgiving weekend recap.

i hope everyone had a great weekend! my official last day of teaching was wednesday and, after grades were submitted, i totally did a happy dance in my bedroom. i'm so looking forward to life being less anxiety-filled and more happy! and that already started this past weekend!

thanksgiving began bright and early with alex and i power-cleaning our apartment, because we hosted thanksgiving this year! it was kind of an exciting step as a couple, but i was also sort of nervous. i didn't need to be. we had a great time just talking and drinking wine, and of course eating!
and i got some pretty flowers for being a hostess!
speaking of eating, we had a totally vegan and totally delicious meal. i'm not much of a cook, so i stuck to the sides (cranberries, sweet potatoes, and salad) and we picked up the entrees (seitan wellington and stuffing) from the chicago diner. dessert was alex's mom's yummy pumpkin mousse. it might have been one of my favorite thanksgiving meals ever!
i want this all again for dinner tonight.
friday i sat down with a new book. i'm really hoping to start reading for fun more, as it's one of the things that makes me the most happy. for now, i'm reading the life-changing magic of tidying up. i am a horribly messy person, and everyone has been raving about the book, so i'm hoping to give her method a try once i'm finished reading. i also took a slight advantage of black friday sales and ordered personalized stockings. i've been wanting them forever, and with the deal pottery barn was having on black friday, i ended up saving $50. whaaat!
saturday was my turkey trot! i'll have a full recap of this race up later in the week, but i loved and hated it all at the same time hahah. i did end up with one of my favorite medals of all time though, probably just after my disney medals.
the chicago skyline is my favorite <3
later on in the day, alex and i went out for brunch and then bought some christmas decorations. this is the first time i'm actually decorating for christmas since i never felt like it was appropriate to decorate an apartment in "my way" when i was sharing it with roommates. luckily, things are different when you live with a significant other! our place is pretty tiny, so we ended up with a mini-tree, but i still love it (and am crossing my fingers hamilton doesn't knock it over).
he's got that tree-murderer look going on...
still feeling in the christmas spirit, we went out to lincoln park zoo's zoo lights once the sun went down. holy crap was it crowded! once we got over the shock of the crowds, we were able to enjoy walking around. i got a hot apple cider to keep me warm as we looked over all the displays. it was so pretty.
everything synced up to the music!
yesterday was a planning day. i have a lot of things i want to do and try next month, so i sat down with my planner and wrote things out. i'm hoping to run a lot more in december and also try a sit-up challenge. i also want to focus a bit on my health, so i'm trying out a new multi-vitamin everyday and hoping to get outside everyday, despite the cold. i'm also heading to california for 10 days, and i can't wait!

it was such a happy weekend, and i'm hoping i stay on this happy high for awhile!

how was your holiday weekend? did you find any good sales?


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