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friday five: tips for new runners

my best friend recently asked me "how did you stick with running? i tried and gave up after two runs! everything just hurt." i definitely let her know that there are still runs where i want to (and sometimes do!) give up because things hurt. but, i also told her some things that helped get me through the first few weeks/i wish i had known in the beginning to make things easier. today, i'm linking up with courtney, cynthia, and mar to share with you all the top five running tips i gave her for new runners.

1.) get fit for shoes
this is something i wish i knew when i first started. i honestly thought you just kind of chose the type of shoe you wanted, and that was it. after a year of running and a minor ankle injury, i went to get properly fit after a friend recommended it and found out i needed stability shoes. i've had no issues since switching away from neutral shoes and sometimes wonder how my first half marathon would have gone had i been using the proper shoes.

2.) use intervals
i used an app that eased me in to running by using run/walk intervals. i honestly believe that had i just gone out on my own and tried to run as long and fast as i could, i would have burned out and given up early on. i personally used 10k runner and loved it.

3.) roll those legs
my legs were constantly sore in those early days of running as they got used to a new physical activity, and i quickly bought myself a foam roller. it was a great purchase and i still use it, but i honestly think the stick works best for me. in any case, get some type of rolling tool to keep your muscles fresh!

4.) sign up for a goal race
knowing that i had a fun race on the horizon that i had already financially committed to really helped push me to go out on training runs. i wanted to do the best i could at the race and had my eye on the prize that was the dumbo double finisher's medal, and it really encouraged me to not stop running.

5.) have fun!
i was definitely guilty of taking things way too seriously and constantly thinking about my pace and comparing myself to others when i started. but it shouldn't be that way! running can be fun and a wonderful stress release, but it won't be that way if you stress yourself out about it. instead, enjoy the journey and welcome to the running community!

what are your tips for new runners?


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