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chicago half training: week seven

life has been super busy as the start of the school year approaches, but the seventh week of chicago half marathon training is over (and has been for a few days)! here's a reminder of how that week was supposed to look:
monday - pure barre
no better way to start the week than with pure barre! i'm excited to start a challenge they're putting on at the beginning of next month.

tuesday - cross train & cocktails event
i received an email a few weeks ago about a class pass sponsored event (recap to come!) that sounded too fun to pass up. i invited my friend to join me and we had no idea what to expect, but were definitely excited. it turned out to be a bit of a hiit workout, which isn't my favorite, but the views and swag were perfect.

wednesday - rest
i ended up being swamped with work to do and decided to give myself a rest day. life is getting busy again, and i'm worried about balancing training with work and school.

thursday - 2 miles
new shoes! i had a 20% off coupon from asics for my birthday, so i couldn't resist a new pair of shoes. i went with the gts-1000 4s in a purple color combo that i love. the run was quick because i had to finish before i went off to the cubs game that night.

friday - pure barre
my 25th birthday! i started the day off with an early morning barre session before heading out of the city for vacation. i spoiled myself with a new pair of sticky socks and worked my legs and arms so that i would totally rock the outfits i had planned for the weekend.

saturday - rest
i wanted to get my long run in before i had to drive to michigan for a wedding, but it just didn't happen. the car rental was a bit more chaotic than i planned and we had to rush to get our hotel before the shuttle pickup. i did dance a bit at the reception, if that counts a cardio?

sunday - rest
back to chicago we go! i knew i wouldn't be able to get a workout in, but it was a bit disappointing, given my super low mileage for the week. that mid-training rut is feeling very real right about now...

weekly total: 2 miles
training total: 59.6 miles

how do you rebound from a training rut?


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