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chicago half training: week five

the fifth week of chicago half marathon training is over! here's a reminder of how this week was supposed to look:
monday - pure barre
my last class with one of my favorite instructors here in dc. it was a tough and crowded class, but i made it through leg work without having to pull out once. success!

tuesday - rest
a week without a rest day plus all the extra walking i did over the weekend (38 miles!) and pushing myself during leg work the night before, and needless to say, my legs were pooped. but more so were my feet...and my body? i just kind of felt sick and tired all day. so instead of running, i made the call for an early rest day and went on a leisurely horseback ride. because that's just a totally normal thing to do on a rest day, right?!
his name is okie and i love him and want him forever.
wednesday - pure barre
the sick feeling i had from tuesday lasted in to wednesday and my stomach felt kind of off. i really struggled with whether or not to go to class. but, it was my last dc class and i wanted to be there, so i forced myself to go and got a good workout in without pushing myself too much.

thursday - rest
my stomach issues were still present and worse when i woke up thursday morning, so much so that i had to go in late for my internship (and it was my last day!). by the time i got home that night, the pain wasn't there anymore, but i was just exhausted from poor sleep, and passed out almost as soon as i sat down in bed. so, it ended up being another rest day, which was sad, because i wanted to do one last dc run.

friday - rest
back to chicago in the morning! or so i thought. i got to the airport at 10am only to find out that there were a bunch of issues with seating on my flight. after much delay, i ended up being booted to the 2:45 flight, which i didn't mind, especially since they bumped me up to first class and gave me a flight voucher. the delay in flight meant i got back to chicago just in time for late afternoon traffic, and by the time i got home, i just wanted to rest.

saturday - 4 miles
finally had a chance to run! it was great to be back on the lakefront trail and i was able to keep up my goal pace for the half marathon. just two weeks ago i struggled to do this for a 3 miler, so doing it for a 4 miler (and actually slightly faster!) was a nice surprise.

sunday - 7 miles
i find that great runs are usually followed by not so great runs, so when i started struggling during mile 3 of this run, i knew it was happening again. it was a combination of dehydration, sun, and tired legs, and i just tried not to be too bummed about it. i made sure to finish the entire seven and just ignored my pace, instead just focusing on the beautiful view. hopefully my next long run will be better.

weekly total: 11 miles
training total: 49.6 miles

how do you deal with tough long runs?


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